Holy recap batman!

on Friday, August 7, 2009

So, for those that even look at this anymore...you know the 2 of you....life has been out of contol! We have been so busy but blessed, so life is good. Work has been super hectic, but we are FINALLY staffed and there is training...so basically there is light at the end of the tunnel. In personal news, we bought a house! We moved in 4th of July weekend. Its a beauty! We are so excited. Its a brand new house that was custom built for someone, but they fell through on the loan. With the economy the way it is, the house just sat there with the price dropping and dropping, then we found it and BAM! insta-house!

So, this pic was taken before construction was completely finished, its actually painted a dark chocolate with a yellowish trim. Im not inlove with the trim, but who cares. My days are now full of working, then going home and painting rooms, and landscaping. LOVE IT! ITs a 4 bed 2 bath with a HUGE kitchen, granite counters, and bathrooms, raised ceilings and tile floors. Its beautiful, and ours! Buahahahahahhahahahaaaaaaaaa.... I will upload a updated picture sometime soon.

As for Jewel and Jack, life is good. Jack is now almost 5 months! crazy! He is so funny he can sit up now and has such a random personality, if he loves something he wants you to do it over and over and over...if you stop...then comes INTENSE screaming.... sigh...he is my son....its obvious.

Jewel is getting ready for the school year to start with her new piano students. She is really excited for that. Its been a while since she taught, and i think she misses that. She hasnt blogged in ever because we havent gotten internet set up on the house yet..but by the end of the summer..she will be all over it! :)
As for me...just working like crazy and playing with the new house. I did get a new phone..which i alluded to in a previous post. Its all fancy schmancy:

Its a touch screen with internet and all kinds of cool gizmos. Its holding me over until Verizon carries the iphone, which i hear is next year. I would have it now, but AT&T doesnt work in Snowflake...sigh..... Im sure Jewel hates this phone, im always playing with it..but hey, i got a toy... yaaay!

Well, thats about it for now. :) I will share more later. :)


Claire said...

Yay for an update finally! :D The house is SO cute! I can't wait to come try out the Claire room. Let me know when you are up for visitors. We can even put Scott to work in exchange for a chance to stay... he's real good at landscaping! :D We miss you guys.

Chad and Mindy said...

Sounds like the house is awesome!! I am excited for you. Where is the house at? Golf course area, near a certain school, out east, or who are your neighbors?

Steve said...

Its just south of the highland primary in a new subdivision. We are in 2nd ward.

Heather said...

(I realize "effing" is totally offensive, but really, it just came out. Except for the fact that I thought about it before typing it, typed it, and then didn't erase it. But seriously, this sort of CRAZY AWESOME news needs a strong word. Anyway...)

That is so friggin' insane. Seriously. I am sitting here just jealous of your entire life, but simultaneously so happy for you guys that if I don't stop clenching my teeth so hard in this giant my-cheeks-are-so-big-I-mistype-every-word-because-I-can-no-longer-see smile, I might pop a poop or something.

(And now's the time that all your other friends who are reading this comment judge me, and then judge you for being my friend. Sorry about that.)

All of this is just to say that this news is ridiculously fantastic and I love love love that you guys are real grown-ups. I AM, however, getting ready to take one more step toward the grown-up status, myself...December 10th, yo!

Like how I sneaked that news in there?

Ho, ho, ho, I'm so clever.

(Oh geez. I said "effing" and "poop" in one comment. Please still be my friend?)

Jennifer said...

LOVE the house Steve!

I can't believe Jake is sitting up now! I don't see him for a week and now he's on to something new! You just let me know when you want to babysit my kids so that they can help you child proof your casa! I have a feeling that boy is going to be vooming around on those tile floors soon!

Jenn said...

hi here is me loving you and being jealous all at the same time. and pretty much seconding everything Heather said. Oh except Efing. I would never say that.