Lesson Learned

on Saturday, July 6, 2013

So, full confession, i had no clue anyone even saw this blog anymore. A week ago I was working on a different blog on the mysensa.com site and i needed to upload a picture. strangely, they dont let you load from your computer, only a website. this was the fist thing i thought of; i could post the pic here, link it, use it and noone would even know since i figured this blog was DOA. Well, aparently not if people are reading and commenting on it. I may transfer some of my blog postings from mysensa.com over here if anyone is bored out of their mind and want to read it. I would just link it but its a membership site for Sensa. (which i love and am now at 36lbs lost!) you can register for free on the site...but that takes effort and if you arent using sensa...lets be honest my life isnt THAT important to do that. hah hah

anyways, if you want me to, comment me. if not no skin off my back since i thought this blog was dead. :)

PS just ran my first 10k today with my beautiful wife. We both placed in our divisions :) yay us!


Hedgecocks said...

Thats's exciting! Go you!

Heather said...

Woohoo! You look great and I'm impressed by all your hard work.

I actually forgot you had a blog too, but I had it in my RSS feed from a million years ago. When a post from this blog showed up I was like, "Who is that?" Then I was so pumped to see it was STEVE! Hope to hear from you more.

Jewel said...

I'm excited to see the blog...I always like hearing about things from your perspective, since we spend OH so much time together. ;)